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You shouldn't be forced to adapt to a life without quality teeth. That is why Dr. John Kim and his team at Modern Dental Center offer highly-reasonable prices on all of our dentures and implants. We are ready and willing to personally meet with you and help you make the right decision for your needs.

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Call anytime to schedule your last minute emergency appointment! We are available to help you today!

Because Modern Dental Center offers a small-office, family-friendly approach, we are able to take the time to work with you personally to ensure your dentures fit tightly and comfortably. If you are unhappy with your dentures for any reason, we will take the time to make it right!

Comfort is key

Cover up discoloration or irregular shaping with the addition of bright, white veneers. They are the perfect option if you're looking to clean up your smile without the invasive procedure of installing crowns. Modern Dental Center is your go-to for all of your cosmetic dentistry needs!

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The loss of teeth can affect more than just your personal appearance; it can start impeding on daily life. Don't settle with missing teeth. Instead, call the team at Modern Dental Center for help!

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Get back to regular life with a new set of dentures